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Welcome to Chris Atkins Photography. Established in 2010, Chris offers discerning clients high quality professional architectural photography at affordable prices. 

"I realized very early on that there was a distinct lack of quality in the images that agents were using to market their listings.

Most of the photos I was seeing were taken by the agents themselves with minimal thought or effort behind them. I decided I could do better and have been working hard on my skills since then.

You really cannot over emphasize the effect of great photos on prospective buyers. We used to say that 'many people' start their search for a home online. Today it's more like EVERYBODY starts their search online!

The internet has empowered consumers and home buyers are no different. If the photos do not grab the attention of homebuyers in a positive way, they simply move on...

If you are serious about being a top listing agent, professional photos are one of the best ways to position yourself above the crowd. Not to mention the praise you will get from your clients when they see the pictures. ;)"

If you would like to inquire about hiring Chris to shoot for you, call or send him a private text to 909-809-8814 and he will get back to you very soon.

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